Join free Monster's Domain playtests kindly invites you to take part in Steam Playtests for Monster's Domain. To provide the best possible game selected players will have the opportunity to play the game before its release on Steam.

Monster's Domain is an Action RPG that will take you on a magical journey full of fun, exploration, battles, and monsters. But this time you will be playing the monster's side! Say goodbye to shiny armors and heroic speeches. Your object is to defend your domain against the incoming heroes.

You will have to build your forces, upgrade them and set traps. Gain new and stronger weapons for your monsters to make them more efficient in the fight against heroes. You will also have to learn new tricks and skills. Use everything that will help you lure your opponents into deadly traps.

Monster's Domain playtests will start on February 3th, 2022! Don't wait any minute and sign up for the free playtests! It is your perfect opportunity to learn about the game.

24. Januar 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz