Huge Naraka Content Drop Arrives Tomorrow - Including New Map and A New Healing Hero Too

NetEase Games and 24 Entertainment are delighted to be bringing players the biggest content update the game has seen since its release a year ago. Holoroth represents a vast addition to NARAKA’s play area; as well as one that will challenge players with new weather conditions and terrain.

NARAKA also has a brand new hero joining the roster. Zipin Yin, a female healer, will be available to players on August 19, along with the new map.

You can view the trailer and skill showcase for Zipin Yin here.

As part of an overall development plan to lower the learning curve in the game, Zipin Yin will be the perfect starting point for players new to NARAKA’s fast-paced action. As a healer, she can use her Aromatherapy ability to help restore health and armour to allies, as well as increasing damage reduction.

Alternatively, her Saving Grace ability actually consumes rage, restoring her allies' health and armour; while increasing restoration ability by 30%. She can also negate one fatal strike, and send her enemies flying by using her Sedate Soul ability.

The addition of Zipin Yin and the new map are part of the celebration for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s one year anniversary. On August 19, players will also be able to login and receive free Duel Blades Legendary, Kurumi, Viper Ning skins.

NARAKA is also running a free trial, alongside a 50% discount event, the details for which you can find below:

Free trial

  • Start: *00:00 @08/19 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/18 (PDT)

  • End: *01:00 @08/23 (GMT+8) | 10:00 @08/22 (PDT)

50% Discount

  • Start: *00:00 @08/19 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/18 (PDT)

  • End: *00:00 @08/30 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/29 (PDT)

19. August 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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