House Flipper - Pets DLC joins the console family on Xbox and PlayStation!

It’s been less than a year since the release of House Flipper - Pets DLC.
Now, you’ll have the opportunity to make an animal friend and have it accompany you in renovations right on your console!

Can you hear the pitter-patter of little paws? With the House Flipper Pets DLC release, you can take in a friend. Choose from the thirteen most popular breeds of cats and dogs - each has different traits and a distinct personality. Hug a guinea pig or a rabbit! Ever wanted to have rats or parrots? Now you can. Some exotic species are waiting for you too! Iguanas, snakes, and spiders all made it to the DLC, but if they’re not your companion of choice, you don’t have to hang out with them. Look after your sweet new pets. They could become your lifetime buddies!

Everything you need to know about House Flipper - Pets DLC.

With exterior door placement mechanics, you can create a brand-new entrance to your house wherever you wish. If you’re not satisfied with the old one, it can be easily removed.

But it’s not all about the doors. Before you paint the ceilings, check out the stair change mechanic. Pets DLC gives you the ability to switch out stair designs with one click. Climb up to the next level in style.

If you look up all you can see are mismatched ceilings, don’t worry, we’ll give you a helping hand. Now you can paint, panel or tile your ceilings so it matches perfectly with the walls and floors.

When you’re done painting, why not shed some light on your creation? The bulb chain mechanic is a new way to make houses even comfier. With endless possibilities, you can place bulbs from wall to wall and create the effect you desire.

Don’t forget that your house needs some interior design too. Use over 800 cozy and boho-style items, and fill the empty shelves to your heart’s content.

Flipping couldn’t happen without houses. This time around we’ve been inspired by cozy ranch-style buildings all over the world. We wanted to make sure you could feel the rustic atmosphere, relax and enjoy the scenic environment from the porch regardless of where you are right now.

House Flipper - Pets DLC brings an exciting set of features:

  • Choose from 13 popular breeds of dogs and cats.

  • Take in an exotic animal species.

  • Play with your pets, take good care of them and create a unique bond.

  • Be ready for upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs.

  • Let your imagination run wild and go for a unique design with all 11 of our brand-new ranch-style houses.

  • Set your imagined house with a new environment and tons of decorations.

  • 6 new flipping mechanics! Paint or panel your ceilings, hang bulb chains around your room, insert sets of stairs, and change the position of your exterior door.

  • Watch your pet snooze on some of the furniture.

  • Brush your animals - make them happy.

  • More than 800 new items will make your interiors warm and cozy!

3. Februar 2023, von Thore Varga