Heroes in a doomed World - Blood and Doom

Blood and Doom is a dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, a collaborative and immersive storytelling experience shared by one Game Master - called the ‘Doomsayer’ in Blood and Doom - and a group of players. You may have seen similar games being played in hit shows like Stranger Things, The Big Bang Theory, or YouTube’s Critical Role.

In Blood and Doom, players take on the parts of heroes in a doomed world where the influence of malevolent cults is slowly corrupting all seven regions. Doomsayers act as the Player Characters’ senses, while players interact both with each other and the monsters, Non-Player Characters and obstacles thrown at them. A unique dice system is used to resolve conflicts, allowing for a tremendous amount of suspense to be added to the stories fleshed out by the entire playing troupe.

The game is published by Dicetale Games and conceived by its CEO, Ferruccio. It is written by Ferruccio and a star team of (ENnie Award-)winning writers and game developers, including Darren Watts, Michael Surbrook, Jason Walters, and Dirk Vandereyken.

The Blood and Doom Quickstart will be launching soon-so don’t miss out on it! The Blood and Doom Kickstarter will be launching in March 2023 and will feature two core rulebooks with a total of more than 900 pages, a soundtrack, a Doomsayer’s Screen, Roll20 integration and much more.

23. Oktober 2022, von Sascha 'Gamethulhu' Kröner