Gladiator Guild Manager gets new update with 2 brand new arenas, new units and more

A major update with two new arenas, new gladiators and quests is here!

Deep Mine Arena
Underground mine that is being used as an arena and holds many secrets that will be essential to the main plot later on. This arena comes with new quests that will include either helping your factions to fight the primitive underground civilization of rats, bats and lizards (new enemies), or joining the natives of the Deep Mine to fight on their side - what will eventually give you the option to hire those units as gladiators for your guild.

Church of the Dead
This update comes with two arenas. Second one will explore High Necromancer's chambers with quests about High Necromancer and his servants creating these new types of soldiers, the Steelheads. They are creating them from multiple dead and even living people, too. Peasants will need you to enter the Church of the Dead and break out their people before they end up as one of those abominations. High Necromancer is building and selling those creatures to defend the borders of this kingdom. The Baroness does not like seeing him receiving the respect of the people and ruining her plans, so she will ask you to enter the Church, find and destroy those machines.

We’ll also have new gladiators for hiring in the guild: a Lute Master orc with a lute playing heavy metal sounds that hurts enemies, and a tanky dwarf unit Drummer, the first two music band gladiators (one more coming in the future update to form a full band).
As well as a new Peasants unit joining the people faction - Hobo - a drunk who fights with his broken bottle and dangerous wind breaking ability.

23. Dezember 2022, von Thore Varga