Free Easter Goodies in Lost Light and New Map Leaks

The Lost Light Easter Party is live now!
Developed by NetEase Games, Lost Light is a free-to-play survival shooter game that challenges players to survive in Operations and engage in Shelter development. From April 7th to April 19th, Fireflies are invited to join the Lost Light Easter Party by logging in consecutively to redeem Easter Exclusive Avatar, Avatar Frame, and other goodies for FREE! In addition, a brand new Map is set to launch in the coming Season, along with exciting updates such as a novel weather system, co-op puzzles, etc.

Enjoy Spring Vibe in Exclusion Zone with the Upcoming Easter Event Map
With Easter Eggs scattered across the Map, the Easter Party for Fireflies has begun! Join the party and explore the Easter-Exclusive Map in Lost Light. Don't be surprised by the special sound effects during Operations as they might be a hint to Easter Eggs! Find and pick up Easter Eggs to earn Easter Coins and exchange them for Easter rewards! Don't miss out on this egg-citing adventure. Come and embrace the wonderful spring vibe in the Exclusion Zone!

The Easter Party is in Full Swing - Claim Exclusive Rewards for Free!
The Easter Party is coming, and Lost Light has put together a basket full of surprises for you! During the event, Easter Coins can be earned not only by collecting Easter Eggs in Operations but also by logging in daily, completing Daily Missions, and more. Fireflies who log in for five consecutive days can exchange for an Easter Exclusive Avatar and Avatar Frame. In addition, there will be a FREE Targeted Serum available, which is an essential item to avoid Data Wipe when the Season ends. Three Targeted Serums are needed to avoid losing one’s progress.

Breaking Easter News: Get A Sneak Peek of the New Futuristic City Map
With abandoned skyscrapers and deserted neighborhoods, this futuristic city sleeping under the Pheromone Tower is ready to be explored by Fireflies in the upcoming Season! The new season also brings a set of exciting features, including a brand new weather system, co-op puzzles, air ducts linking the street blocks, and mysterious legacies. Are you ready to embark on the all-new adventure?

6. April 2023, von Thore Varga

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