Explore Cutting-Edge Tech & Products at NetEase Games GDC 2023 Showcase

NetEase, Inc., one of China's leading internet and online game services providers, will be attending the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC), with its employees delivering more than 16 talks across the Core Concepts and Summits sessions.

NetEase Games will also showcase CliCli at booth S1332 in the Expo area and during a sponsored presentation titled Developing a User-Generated Content Platform Ecosystem. CliCli is an integrated game editor and global distribution platform which removes barriers to entry for game creators such as the need to write code, helping them concentrate on game design and getting to market faster.

GDC brings the gaming community together to exchange ideas, solve problems and shape the future of the industry across five days of education, inspiration and networking. This year’s event will be held in person and online at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center from March 20-24, 2023.

NetEase speakers will be sharing success stories from blockbuster titles such as Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, Life After or Naraka: Bladepoint, showing how machine learning can make game development more efficient, debating the future of tabletop games and revealing insights about the management and nurturing of gaming communities.

In total, over 20 NetEase experts have been shortlisted to present at the event. Here are a few selections from the NetEase lineup at GDC:

  • An Exploration of Attracting New Users Through Livestreaming Traffic-Buying: The Fantasy Westward Journey team will share the role of product marketing in keeping the franchise relevant over more than a decade and utilizing social media-based marketing strategies that encourage players to keep coming back to the game.

  • Achieving High-Quality 90fps Realism in a Mobile Game, Technically and Visually: The team of Ace Racer, a high-speed driving action mobile title launching on March 16th, will introduce in detail how they achieved a smooth 90fps experience while ensuring high-quality realistic graphics effects, which have been verified online. The session shares their experiences on the trade-off between visual art and performance from multiple aspects, such as pipeline rendering, vehicle scene optimization and ideas on the optimization process.

  • Is Beauty Emotional or Rational: Cosmetics and Consumer Choice in Naraka: Bladepoint: Naraka: Bladepoint offers players hundreds of skins to choose from for their characters. By analyzing players’ aesthetic preferences, Xinwei Chang, senior UX researcher at ThunderFire, will introduce how the Naraka: Bladepoint research team found regular patterns of consumer choice and quantified the abstractive beauty behind a character’s skin.

  • Efficient Software Occlusion Culling on Mobile Platform in Life After: Wenhui Tao, game engine programmer at NetEase Games, will share an efficient software occlusion culling (SOC) solution which improves game performance, with a high culling rate at a very low cost. Attendees will learn about the different issues that arise in culling and how to deal with them, from organizing data and implementing a runtime culling algorithm to generating high quality occlusion meshes.

  • From Copy to Subscriptions: A Statistic Perspective of Naraka: Bladepoint: Naraka: Bladepoint is the world's first successful combination of the melee and battle royale genres which requires many players joining at the same time. The game was launched on PC followed by console and, in this session, attendees will learn about the challenges and strategies to deal with the move from paid to free games, and how game data can be used to make business-related inferences and support project decisions.

  • Creating the Art of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: Qingfeng Zeng, game lead artist at NetEase Games, will reveal the process behind building the hand-painted stylized art pipeline and more insights from the development of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

  • The State and Future of Board Games: During a panel conversation, researcher Ming Liu will join other tabletop game developers and journalists to discuss the ongoing growth, development and diversity of a hobby that continues to showcase original ideas, new approaches and even new technology.

  • Caring for Togetherness: Nurturing Hybridity in the Cross-Platform Game Community: Bingjie Yu, UX researcher at NetEase Games, will share how Thunderfire has created guidelines and strategies for game developers and community managers that help them build more inclusive, transparent and sustainable hybrid game communities.

  • Differentiated Management Communities: Centralized vs. Decentralized Communities: Keyu Wu, senior UX researcher at ThunderFire will introduce the characteristics, differences and segmentation types of centralized and decentralized gaming communities and share targeted and effective management methods to enable communities to have a positive impact on their games.

17. März 2023, von Thore Varga

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