Dream City Knights: Join the Journey of Mystery and Imagination

The innovative game development studio, Edge of Mythos, is thrilled to introduce their latest creation, Dream City Knights. This tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) invites players into the mysterious Dream City, where a band of mystery-solving teens steps into a world where dreams blur with reality, in a journey that challenges the ordinary!

Located in Athens, Greece, Edge of Mythos prides itself on crafting games that embody their unique worldview. Believing that every creative work carries its own myth, the studio aims to share these tales, making each project a testament to their philosophy of innovation, character and the chase of myth.

Dream City Knights offers an adventure that combines the trials of adolescence with the enigmas of a fantastical dream world. Players embody the roles of teenage friends, who discover their unique ability to enter the mystical Dream City in their sleep.

The game unfolds as players navigate the dreamscape, balancing their day-to-day challenges with the extraordinary attempts that await them in Dream City.

Strategy, Teamwork, Imagination
The gameplay of Dream City Knights is as captivating as its story. With a focus on teamwork, strategy and imagination, players will explore diverse landscapes, solve complex mysteries and face the influence of the Tower.

The game's unique mechanics encourage players to craft their own narratives, making every session a distinct experience filled with suspense and discovery.

Teaser Trailer and Kickstarter: Be Part of the Dream!
Edge of Mythos will son announce a teaser trailer for Dream City Knights, offering a look into the game's world. Additionally, the studio is preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign, inviting fans and newcomers to be a part of bringing this dream to life. Stay tuned for an opportunity to support the myth of Dream City Knights!

9. Februar 2024, von Thore Varga