DramaQueen joins Nordic Game Discovery’s finalists

The Nordic Game Discovery team recently attended the Growing Games event in Aarhus, Denmark. While not an official qualifier of Nordic Game Discovery IV, the team was so impressed by the pitches given by the indie teams after an intensive one-day pitching workshop that was held as part of the event, they picked the best game to join Discovery as an NGDC Season IV Finalists.

Ugly Duckling Games was the studio that caught the judges’ eye with its first title, DramaQueen. Designed as a visual storytelling game, DramaQueen invites players to become the director in their own drama - setting the scene, writing the script and placing the actors - allowing them to craft their own scenarios to share!

Made up of industry veterans and experts from within the education industry, Ugly Duckling is aiming to radically change how games are used for learning with titles like DramaQueen. Using a scientifically validated approach known as “School in Play” the team’s games are designed to use engagement to improve enjoyment and retention.

DramaQueen is set for release on PC in late Summer 2020. It will be competing at the NGDC Season IV Finalists Expo at Nordic Game 2020 (NG20+), 25-27 November in Malmö, Sweden.

13. Mai 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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