Dave the Diver Release Month Revealed in Future Games Show Spring Showcase Trailer

South Korean development studio MINTROCKET is proud to reveal that Dave the Diver will launch June 2023 on PC. Initially released in Early Access in October 2022, the charming and addictive adventure game has earned a collective “Overwhelmingly Positive” score from the Steam community with over 8,300 reviews submitted. The announcement was a part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase.

When the game launches on PC this summer, it will feature the remaining chapters (4-7), additional maps with more areas to explore, and new bosses to take on as the mysteries of the Blue Hole unravel. Reflecting MINTROCKET’s desire to bring their games to communities all over the world, Dave the Diver offers English, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese localizations. Additional languages will be added at launch. The game also has full controller support for those who like the classic gamepad experience and Mac iOS support as well.

Dave the Diver is a hybrid marine adventure where players will dive into the mysterious Blue Hole to catch fish by day and serve fresh sushi to patrons in a seaside restaurant by night. Players will traverse the vibrant, and sometimes dangerous, ocean in order to catch the fish needed to supply the restaurant. When they surface, they can serve patrons from near and far so they can earn money to improve their diving gear, allowing them to dive deeper and for extended periods of time to capture more exotic fish while fending off any threats they encounter. Dave the Diver makes for an addictive gameplay loop on top of an intriguing mystery that unfolds as players explore the darkest corners of the Blue Hole.

Key Features

  • Addicting Gameplay - Combines action-adventure, RPG, and management tycoon gameplay in a rewarding hybrid sea adventure experience!

  • The Blue Hole - Plunges players into a gorgeous underwater biome filled with over 200 kinds of sea creatures.

  • Dive for Ingredients - Catch fish and various creatures living in the Blue Hole using your trusty harpoon. You can upgrade and forge new equipment to prepare yourself for the dangers that lurk in the unknown.

  • Serve Your Customers - Using what you've gathered, run your very own sushi restaurant! Use the proceeds you make there to purchase more equipment to explore new areas.

  • A Deeper Mystery - Enjoy an engaging story meeting Dave and his eccentric friends. Unearth the mystery of Blue Hole and help Dr. Bacon rediscover an ancient underwater secret.

24. März 2023, von Thore Varga