Crusader Kings III | Fate of Iberia Coming to Console Soon

On the western end of the Mediterranean, across a narrow strait from Northern Africa, sits the Iberian Peninsula, a rich and well-populated land that has been a battleground since ancient times. Its fate in the medieval world is now yours to decide, as modern Spain and Portugal are carved into many Christian and Muslim realms, each trying to decide the balance of power in their favor. Determine the Fate of Iberia in this new flavor pack for Crusader Kings III on console, coming on November 14.

Fate of Iberia introduces the Struggle system to Paradox’s popular medieval strategy role-playing game. Participants in a historic struggle will have new rules and bonuses as the Struggle moves through phases of opportunity and challenge. Over the centuries, your characters will have to adjust their strategies and plan new avenues of attack as competing forces in Iberia try to unite the peninsula under one ruler and one faith. If you prefer more peaceful strategies, you can negotiate a compromise that leaves the rich lands in peace, but divided among smaller rulers. How great is your ambition?

Features of Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia include:

  • Struggle system: Entirely new system for historic conflict, available to modders and other custom creators.

  • Decide the Fate of Iberia: Choose the path of conciliation or the path of conquest as you unite Spain or, alternately, agree to a peaceful division of spoils.

  • New content: Two new Legacy tracks (Urbane and Coterie, new culture traits emphasizing special historical characteristics of the Iberian peninsula, new friend interactions and duels over the chessboard.

  • New Events: Dynamic historical events, some related to the struggle for Iberia, and others adding greater variety for all players.

  • New Art: New character art reflecting Iberian cultures of the medieval era, new unit designs and a host of new art for backgrounds, events and loading.

  • New Music: Additions to the Crusader Kings III soundtrack.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia will be available for Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5 consoles on 14 November 2023. Please check your local store for price information.

1. November 2023, von Thore Varga

Paradox Interactive


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