Celebrate the Festive Season with Phase 10: World Tour's Frozen Candyland

This holiday season, get cosy and enjoy the delights of Frozen Candyland in Phase 10: World Tour! Mattel163 is pleased to release details of the event including activities with 36 charming animals and a new exclusive in-game pet Snowman! Frozen Candyland will be available to play from December 1, 2022 to January 5, 2023. Alongside the festive update, Mattel163 have created a special jingle Phase 10 Holiday Twists for all players. T

The song is now available in the game and on SoundCloud!

To take part in the new event, players need to play black cards in Journey mode to get holiday candles. These candles can be used to unlock festive decorations in an iced playground and to buy candy canes to attract charming animals! There will be 36 animals in total, with some mysterious and specially-designed ones waiting for players to engage with. Players can enjoy playing with these adorable animals and collecting a winter album of them in cheerful festive customs. These furry friends will also reward players with massive holiday surprises!

As a special festive treat, once players have completed the event, they will get the exclusive secret pet “Woosh”, the Snowman! Woosh will give you the competitive edge by freezing your opponent from discarding their last card - a game-changing new boost!

Alongside these brand-new gameplay features to shake up the Phase 10 Mobile’s snowglobe, there is a festive song for players and a new, seasonal in-game look. Players can immerse themselves in this new wintery wonderland and enjoy the Phase 10: World Tour jingle!

For 40 years, Phase 10 card game has brought friends and families together. The Phase 10 mobile game takes the original gameplay and is designed exclusively for digital players! The mobile game introduces new phases and special action cards. Players can choose to play solo in Journey mode or with friends in Multiplayer mode, racing to complete each “Phase”. Every Phase has its own objectives with numbers and colours. Players simply need to complete the objective before their opponents to win!

Available on iOS and Android, tens of millions of players around the world have enjoyed Phase 10: World Tour so far. This festive update is part of Mattel163’s continued efforts to celebrate winter holidays and provide a fresh way of completing phases for mobile players. Come to join our ever-growing community, engage, chat and have fun together in Phase 10 Mobile.

4. Dezember 2022, von Thore Varga

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