Build your own bunker! Play Bunker Builder Simulator on Steam!

In the demo version of the game, we are able to play around 30 minutes of gameplay - tutorial and first mission. Our job in the Bunker Builder Simulator demo is to plan our work, dig a hole and build a bunker, that will survive anything.

In the game we are opening our bunker business, we have a company that is specialized in that kind of job. We build various types of bunkers at the request of our clients and one day we can become the best architect and earn a fortune.

We start our adventure in the client gardens, and our first job is to dig a hole, provide a stable foundation, cut boards, screw in screws, proper arrangement of walls, as well as the proper management of space inside.

Cut, flooding with cement, plaster - those are just a few of the tasks awaiting you. In time you will acquire better tools that will allow for faster work, which means taking more contracts and getting rich quickly.

Right now the players can aspect around 30 minutes of gameplay, but Games Incubator announce that the prologue of the game is coming soon, so it is time to build bunkers that will ensure safety from any danger!

7. Februar 2023, von Thore Varga