Battle Royale Shooter Blood Strike Announces Season 3 for February 15th

Developer and publisher NetEase Games proudly announces the beginning of a new season in Blood Strike, the acclaimed battle royale FPS, starting February 15, 2024. Other than that, the game is set for its highly anticipated global launch on March 24, 2024, based on the information in the App Store.

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In Blood Strike, up to 100 players face each other on expansive maps. You take on the role of Strikers, unique heroes, each with special skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle, both offensive and defensive. As the new season unfolds, players will experience an updated Ranked Match, offering a fresh and competitive environment to showcase their skills. The excitement intensifies with the upcoming global launch, allowing even more players to join the fray.

You don’t just have to rely on your powers in Blood Strike, as there are fully customizable weapons you can call to the battlefield when needed. The game prides itself on its realistic run-and-gun combat, where skill and accuracy are the key to victory. However, gear can also be found throughout the map for those bold enough to claim it. Besides, players can increase the Strike Pass to unlock opportunities to acquire the new striker, VOLT, and the Origin-12 attachment “Dragon’s Breath”. The Year of the Dragon Ultra Stash also brings an exciting thematic element to the game, allowing players to channel the dragon’s power in battle.

VOLT, a gang leader with a cybernetic exoskeleton, brings a new dynamic to the battlefield. His ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy makes him a formidable opponent, capable of damaging enemies and devices within his range. Meanwhile, the new attachment Dragon’s Breath for the Origin-12 shotgun adds a fiery twist to gameplay, engulfing enemies in flames and causing burning damage over time.

Blood Strike offers expansive maps that encourage freedom of movement. Players can engage in parkour, wall runs, and leaps, enhancing their tactical advantage. The game also includes gliders, parachutes, and zip lines for swift and strategic navigation.

The game aims to ensure a smooth player experience even on low-end hardware. It has been optimized for devices with 2GB RAM and limited storage. This means that older mobile devices can run the game fluidly, allowing even more players to participate in battles, as they’re not gated by high hardware restrictions.

Players won’t have to face foes alone in Blood Strike, as they can team up with friends and try to conquer the map together. Among other team-oriented features, the game has a respawn mechanic, which allows players to bring teammates back after being slain - and take sweet revenge!

7. Februar 2024, von Thore Varga

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