Arriving on PC in 2022, this visually distinctive social deduction game is coming from devs with vast experience in PC and mobile titles

MUMO STUDIO is excited to announce its debut project, the visually distinctive social deduction game, DUBIUM. MUMO’s four co-founders each have around 20 years of game development and publishing experience and have worked on hit PC and mobile titles such as Black Desert Online, Boxing Star, Dead to Rights, and more. DUBIUM is scheduled for Early Access release on PC in 2022. Check out the official announcement trailer for the first look at DUBIUM’s gameplay and learn more about it below:

DUBIUM is a 5-player social deduction game set in a near-future sci-fi universe. Players take on the role of Frontier or Traitor and must escape from an abandoned space station by any means necessary. Frontiers will cooperate to repair solar panels that power the escape pod while trying to uncover the identity of the sole Traitor. Players must not relax until they escape; the Traitor will sabotage the Frontiers’ efforts at every step as they try to complete their own mission. The Traitor needs to hide their identity and use deceit and treachery to take the Frontiers out one by one in order to escape the station unopposed. Everyone wants to get out alive. Trust no one.

Key Features:

  • A Visually Stunning Social Deduction Game- The graphics feature an exaggerated art style that’s out of the norm for social deduction games. Players will interact, explore, and sometimes kill with beautifully animated, cartoon-like characters.

  • Configurable Character and Gadget System- Enhance characters by upgrading their gadgets with rewards earned through gameplay. The variety of gadget combinations will allow players to customize their characters to suit their playstyle.

  • A Survival Thriller Built for Streaming- Viewers will participate in the game by using a Twitch extension to suggest actions or help make decisions for the streamer that is playing.

  • Unpredictable and Suspenseful Gameplay- As long as players complete their missions, how they play the game is up to them. The different playstyles and strategies will catch players off guard. Anyone can stab others in the back for a chance at victory. Players must be wary of each other until the moment they exit the space station.

  • Universal Play with Radio Messages- Communicate in-game through built-in voice lines and expressions. This feature makes it easier to play with others worldwide, even if the players speak different languages.

3. November 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz