Ancient Greek City Builder MMO Ikariam Announces Gods of Olympus Content Update, Bringing New Mythology, Missions, and More

Gameforge, a leading Western publisher of MMORPGs, today announced an upcoming content update to Ikariam, the massively multiplayer online game set in ancient Greece. Titled Gods of Olympus, the new update will be introduced to the free-to-play, browser-based game later this winter.

In Gods of Olympus, Ikariam players are in for a divine experience as they can construct a Gods’ Shrine before assigning colonies to worship one of six powerful new gods. As a righteous reward for their devotion, the god will provide increased resource production, with bonuses based on ancient Greek mythology.

Through the Gods’ Shrine, players can also interact with the gods they unlock, completing daily tasks to earn “Favor”. Donate that Favor, keep these holy figures satisfied, and watch the production bonuses grow!

Features of the Ikariam Gods of Olympus update include:

  • New "Mythology” field of research which will facilitate unlocking the new gods

  • New building: Gods’ Shrine, which is required for players to be able to obtain and interact with the civilization’s gods

  • 6 new gods, each with their own special abilities related to ancient Greek mythology:

    • Dionysus: increases the town’s wine production

    • Pan: increases the town’s wood production

    • Hephaestus: increases the town’s sulfur production

    • Tyche: increases the town’s marble production

    • Theia: increases the town’s crystal production

    • Plutus: increases the town’s gold production

  • Reworked Daily Tasks: The daily tasks system will receive a major overhaul to introduce more variety, as well as incorporate its functionality into the gods' system in a meaningful way

“We’re excited to be able to bring players a swath of new content in the Gods of Olympus update,” said Andrew Peggs, Product Manager at Gameforge. “Along with giving players ways to better fine-tune their in-game economies, the update is designed to address feedback brought forward by players, continuing to make Ikariam a truly unique and engaging MMO experience 15 years after launch.”

11. November 2023, von Thore Varga



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