A New Psychological Indie Adventure Has Been Announced!

Horrified Triangles and Iphigames are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Haunted Bloodlines, a new psychological horror adventure set within the spooky walls of a haunted mansion. Unravel the chilling connections of your family's mysterious past.

Development of the Haunted Bloodlines Demo is progressing rapidly, with its release scheduled for later this month. This one-hour Demo will challenge players with intricate puzzles and a unique time mechanic that adds tension to every decision!

Time is a relentless enemy in this adventure, where every choice can lead to surprising truths about a dark family legacy.

Haunted Bloodlines offers an intriguing first-person gameplay experience that combines sneaky mechanics, narrative-driven exploration and a survival approach. Players will need to hide or run away from threats as they dive deeper into the mansion’s secrets.

The game’s atmosphere is enriched by dynamic lighting and sound effects that respond to the player's interactions with the environment, making every moment unpredictable!

15. Mai 2024, von Thore Varga