3D world-builder RPG Stories will be launching on September 1

RPG Stories is a 3D Virtual Tabletop featuring a massive World Builder that provides you with 3D Assets, Heroes, and Monsters for all kinds of RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-fi, to create your quests AND play online with your party. Everything you need, all-in-one software!

RPG Stories will include all the well-known VTT Features like Fog of War, Dynamic Lights, Weather System, Light Sources, 3D Dice, Environmental Lighting, and many more.

The 3D world-builder will feature easy to build indoor or outdoor environments, quest writing tools and notes within the software, customizable options for lights, textures, colors, dice, and characters.

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21. August 2022, von Sascha 'Gamethulhu' Kröner