USS Freedom Kickstarter campaign is about to start!

We are happy to announce that our latest kickstart campaign is about to start!
Our new game is called U.S.S. Freedom and is a fun Open World Free Roam Co-op board game that involves space battles, alien planets, monsters supernatural phenomena and ... Cosplayers! How can this be, you ask ?

Just a few of the things you should expect on this game :

  • Control your Spaceship in epic Spacebattles.

  • Customize your Spaceship with Upgrades to augment your combat style.

  • Enhance your Aether to use your most Powerful Abilities.

  • Beam down to unexplored planets and face Monstrous Creatures.

  • Use Diplomacy to convince exotic Alien Races for Quests and Rewards.

  • Trade Legal and Illegal commodities and face the consequences of law.

  • Gain Reputation and gather allies to your cause.

Will you be an honest merchant or sneaky smuggler ?
A vigilant protector of the weak or a greedy pirate ?
A ruthless warrior or a brilliant scientist ?
and most importantly ...
Do you have what it takes to Save Earth ?

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5. November 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz