Dracula Around the World Tour & Free Pen&Paper Game

Ah, the life of an immortal vampire… Staying up all night, avoiding silver bullets, and draining the blood from innocent strangers… Glamorous, right?

Tired of the posh luxury of the vampire lifestyle, good old Count Dracula has spent the last few decades building up a bustling tourism business that provides a steady stream of income… and of fresh blood. But now he's tired and he needs a worthy heir.

As vampires directly descended from his many, many bites, you and your fellow players will take on the role of potential heirs doing your best to take advantage of poor, old Dracula. Bribe him, shower him with irresistible gifts, and trick him into believing you’ve got what it takes to be… the NEW DRACULA!

“Dining with Dracula” is already travelling around the world so it can be tested by as many people as possible in USA, CANADA, GERMANY, UK, FRANCE, POLAND, NETHERLANDS, ITALY, SPAIN, BELGIUM, GREECE, ROMANIA, NORWAY & SWEDEN.

According to a pre-scheduled time-table and itinerary, the games will actually travel from one gaming group to another and we’re hoping to get a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions.

14. Juli 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz