Grab your drills and guns! Lumencraft resurfaces from Early Access Feb 28th

Who would think that mining can save the world? Lumencraft digs out of its Early Access stage and will have a full release on Feb 28th. In this roguelite top-down shooter with tower defense and base building elements, you will become a scout who will drill underground tunnels to acquire Lumen - a resource which is humanity’s last hope for salvation.

Civilization’s flame was extinguished 200 years ago. The last chance for mankind to survive lies in Lumen - a mysterious resource which illuminates dark caves and subterranean halls. In Lumencraft you descend to the bowels of the planet to light up the last spark of hope of a dying society. It won’t be easy - the dim adits are filled with danger and terrifying creatures.

Developed by 2Dynamic Games and published by Star Drifters, Lumencraft will allow players solo or in co-op to drill tunnels, build bases, discover technologies essential for survival underground. It’s not an easy task, as the mining facilities will be swarmed with hordes of enemies. Turrets, walls and a rich arsenal of weapons will be the thin line between life and death in the darkness.

The game will offer procedurally generated maps and a 27-mission long story campaign. The developers and the Steam Workshop community also prepared custom levels, offering new tasks and challenges to complete.

In the dark hallways each murmur should make one tense. The cone of light in front is the only hope for survival. There are more brighter moments - muzzle flashes during a successful defense or the satisfying sound of your drill when it crushes both rocks and resources. Lumencraft’s unique atmosphere is achieved through the possibility of destroying each pixel of terrain, dynamic lighting and its own, composed soundtrack.

Main game features:

  • Defending the underground settlement by direct combat and the use of diversified turrets

  • Multiple technologies that will help you develop your base and tools (both for mining and destruction)

  • Procedurally generated maps and a story campaign

  • Highly efficient and satisfying digging mechanics.

  • Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with the fully destructible terrain.

  • Dread atmosphere created through the impactful sound design and a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.

  • Level editor and full Steam Workshop support

  • Co-op mode - both local and via Steam Remote Play

  • Full Steam Deck support

2. Februar 2023, von Thore Varga


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